Warranty Policy

Standard Warranty:

All of our products come with a standard 1-year warranty. If your product develops a manufacturing defect or performance issue within the first year of purchase, we will repair or replace it at no additional cost. Please be sure to retain proof of purchase to take advantage of this standard warranty.

Extended Warranty:

We also offer an extended warranty program that allows you to extend your product’s warranty to 3 years (Typhur InstaProbe can be extended to 10 years). By signing up for an extended warranty, you can enjoy longer product protection and support. Details and fees for extended warranty plans are available on our official website or through customer support.

*Please note that extended warranties typically require registration within 30 days of purchase. Please review the extended warranty terms and conditions that come with your product to ensure you are eligible and register in a timely manner.

How to activate your extended warranty? Click here to activate.

All Typhur products purchased from an authorized retailer or sales channel and manufactured by Typhur are covered by our limited warranty. This limited warranty covers all hardware defects in components under normal use for the time specified for each product. Products that prove defective will be repaired or replaced free of charge at Typhur's discretion. Color variations are not guaranteed and are subject to availability. If you purchase a Typhur product from an unauthorized dealer, you will not receive warranty or technical support.

* At present, our official channels for warranty coverage are limited to our official website - typhur.com and Amazon store.

Product warranties and guarantees do not cover defects caused by normal wear and tear, abnormal storage conditions, improper use, accidental breakage, neglect, modifications, repairs and services not manufactured or authorized by Typhur, handling, operation, or defects as described in our product literature. Store or use product other than its intended use. Any liability of Typhur shall be limited to the replacement of defective material and Typhur shall have no liability for any resulting damages. We reserve the right to update the terms of this warranty at any time without prior notice.

All warranty claims must be initiated via our website or email. Please allow up to 5 business days for us to process your claim.