Typhur Sync Series

Connect and Cook with Confidence

4-probe wireless meat thermometer
4-probe wifi meat thermometer
4-probe bluetooth meat thermometer
Typhur Sync Quad wireless meat thermometer
Typhur Sync Quad meat thermometer
remotely monitor your meat temperature
Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer
wireless grill thermometer
Typhur Sync Series
Typhur Sync QuadNEW
4-Probe Wireless Meat Thermometer
Typhur Sync Dual
2-Probe Wireless Meat Thermometer
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4.5 (2 reviews)
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Why Typhur
  • Long-range monitoring (up to 400 feet)
  • WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Four probes with six sensors each, precise to ±0.5℉
  • Stay connected via app 

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Discover Typhur Sync Quad 4 Probe Meat Thermometer

Discover the Typhur Sync Quad

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Versatile Cooking Applications

Flawless Connectivity, Unmatched Precision

The Typhur Sync is the most reliable wireless thermometer on the market, with a Bluetooth 5.3 connection for synchronized temperature detection over long distances (400 feet in open spaces with light obstacles, 65 feet in enclosed spaces). Temperature detection in “Sync” is now a reality.
#1 in Stability and Connection
Device Base + Bluetooth
The Sync’s advanced Bluetooth 5.4 connection has a range of up to 400 feet in open space with light obstacles and up to 65 feet in an enclosed space such as an oven.

Optimal placement of probes and sensors

Accurate to ±0.5℉

Internal sensors

5 sensors always detect the lowest temperature accurately, ensuring precise results every time.


Our ambient and internal sensors collaborate seamlessly in culinary endeavors to calculate exact temperature and cooking durations.

6 temperature sensors in each probe

User-friendliness exemplified

High temperature resistance
T-shaped probe-easy to plug and unplug
Waterproof to IPX8
Thermometer battery life

The Typhur App: More Options, More Possibilities

The Typhur App is a must-have for any cook who wants to take their culinary skills to the next level. With its real-time temperature monitoring, customizable cooking alerts, personalized doneness, flavor settings, step-by-step protein guidance, and advanced estimation algorithm, the Typhur App ensures that every dish you cook is cooked to perfection.
Typhur App
Unboxing Typhur Sync 4 Probe Thermometer

What's in the box

  • Device Base
  • 4 Probes
  • USB-C Cable
  • Product Manual


4.5 (2 reviews)

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