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Typhur Sous Vide Station

All-in-One Design

Typhur sous vide machine
Typhur sous vide cooker
Typhur smart sous vide machine
Typhur Sous Vide Schedule Cooking Mode
All-in-One sous vide machine

Typhur Sous Vide Station

Sous Vide Machine
Includes Vacuum Bag Bundle
Vacuum Bag Bundle
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4.8 (17 reviews)
Why Typhur
  • Includes everything you need for sous vide
  • 12.3-inch touchscreen 
  • Step-by-step, chef guided recipes

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Discover the Typhur Sous Vide Station

Discover the Typhur Sous Vide Station

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The everything you need sous vide machine

The Typhur Sous Vide Station is the world’s first all-in-one sous vide machine. Unlike competitors, which require customers to purchase components separately, the Typhur Sous Vide Station includes everything you need to start cooking sous vide right out of the box.

User-friendly interface
All-in-one design for easy use
All accessories included
The Sous Vide Station offers a simple, user-friendly experience with an advanced operating interface. You can also use the Typhur app on your mobile phone to remotely control it and monitor the cooking progress of your food.

Scheduling Function

With Schedule mode, you can cook your food ahead of time so it’s ready when you get home.
Double-layered water tank

Double-layered water tank

A first-ever double-layered water tank provides excellent insulation and makes it simple to maintain low temperatures for extended periods of time. The water temperature can be lowered quickly by adding ice cubes, preventing food spending time in temperatures where bacteria can grow.

Monitor the cooking progress
Cooking status alert

Use the Typhur app to operate your Sous Vide Station remotely

With the Typhur app, you can start cooking your food after you leave home, pause or stop cooking, adjust the cooking temperature or time, and monitor the progress of your cooking. You will also receive a notification on your phone upon the completion of cooking.

All-in-one sous vide cooker

Cook meals in advance to enjoy at home

We have implemented an intelligent temperature monitoring system so you can stay updated on the progress of your scheduled cook in real-time. This feature allows you to conveniently use the schedule function before leaving home, and return home to enjoy a delicious meal.

Built-in sous vide recipes

Equipped with a large,
easy to navigate 12.3-inch touchscreen

The Typhur Sous Vide Station has the largest touchscreen on the market, measuring a whopping 12.3 inches.

Recipe Mode, Effortless Culinary Mastery

The touchscreen’s bright, clear display makes it incredibly easy to follow along with any of our many step-by-step, chef guided recipes.
Boiling water quick and easy

Ultra-high power makes boiling water quick and easy

The Typhur Sous Vide Station is both powerful and quiet. It can heat 12 quarts of water to 130 degrees Fahrenheit in just 20 minutes, and it operates at a significantly lower noise level than most other sous vide machines.

Typhur sous vide water heating system
Traditional sous vide devices achieve the desired temperature by heating the water in the container through agitation. In contrast to traditional immersion heaters, Typhur Sous Vide Station draws water from the container into the circulator tower, heats it, and then returns it to the container, resulting in improved uniformity.
Even heating
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4.8 (17 reviews)

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