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Family-Sized Capacity

Cook a variety of delicious meals with Typhur Dome. Easily prepare up to 32 chicken wings, 8 bacon pieces, 2 steaks, or a 12-inch pizza, serving your family and friends effortlessly.

30% Faster Cooking

Experience the convenience of faster cooking times with Typhur Dome. Its advanced technology cooks food 30% faster and more evenly, thanks to a circulating fan and heating elements creating 3D hot air convection.

Effortless Self-Cleaning

Say goodbye to tedious cleaning routines. Activate the self-cleaning function once a month, and in just 2 hours, Typhur Dome automatically removes oil and stains, leaving your appliance spotless for another delicious meal.

Seamless App Integration

Take full control with the Typhur Dome App. Monitor and adjust your cooking status from your phone, explore pre-set modes for easy cooking, or connect to Wi-Fi for access to guided recipes, elevating your culinary journey.

Whisper-Quiet Operation

Enjoy peaceful cooking sessions. Typhur Dome operates at less than 60dB, ensuring a quiet environment while delivering perfect crispiness.

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Power Supply
AC 120V 60Hz
Rated Power
Rated Current
Temperature Range
40 - 230°C


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