Typhur Dome

#1 in Cooking Speed

Cook More,
More Quickly.
Inspired by professional pizza ovens, Typhur Dome’s dedicated R&D team spent years reinventing the airflow and circulation of the air fryer, proudly achieving the #1 cooking speed. This breakthrough innovation has made it possible to cook large quantities of food faster and more evenly, surpassing all other traditional air fryers on the market, and setting a new technical standard in the category.
Quick and Efficient Air Frying
Heat exchange surface
area has been doubled.
Heat transfer efficiency
has been improved by 40%.
Superior Airflow for Faster Cooking
Super-sized Capacity to Feed the Whole Family
Spacious Basket
Fits up to 32 Wings
Crispy, Even Cooking, Guaranteed
Typhur Dome features an industry-first self-cleaning mode. With this cutting-edge technology, Typhur Dome can accelerate the high-temperature decomposition of grease and grime from the top cavity. By minimizing the health risks associated with oxidized and rancid grease, Typhur Dome sets a new standard of cleanliness and safety in the industry.
Process 1
Self–Cleaning Mode
Process 2
Grease Decomposition
Process 3
Grease converts to CO₂ and H₂O
With the brushless motor, Typhur Dome operates at a quiet 55 dB, well below the permissible exposure limit of 90 dB set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Compared to traditional air fryers, Typhur Dome’s whisper-quiet operation makes it the ultimate choice for a peaceful cooking environment.

An Impressive List of Features

Dehydrate Mode
The Typhur App
Recommended by
Brooklyn Peltz Beckham & Guga Tosta
Brooklyn Peltz Beckham
“Selena (Gomez) loves chicken wings, so I made her... chicken wings in the air fryer, and she was blown away. She was like, ‘Oh my God, these are the best chicken wings I’ve ever had.’”
Guga Tosta
“It is wider than any other air fryer I’ve ever seen. A bigger basket is awesome because it allows you to spread out the food and it cooks more evenly.”

Typhur Dome

Air Fryer

4.9 (42 reviews)
Why Typhur
  • #1 in Cooking Speed
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation
  • Unique Self-Cleaning Mode

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4.9 (42 reviews)

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