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Typhur Sync Review

"The biggest detractor from similar units tested has been connectivity; it’s always been frustrating. Not the case with the Typhur Sync. The range on the bluetooth was more than sufficient, and with WiFi the range was incredible. Not affected by metal or ceramic cooker / smoker lids, exterior grade metal home doors, walls, etc. In the months this unit was tested, it never lost connectivity. Not once. This is beyond impressive."

Best air fryers: 10 picks for making quick, delicious meals

"With over 139 inches of cooking space and technology offering 30% more efficient cooking time, the Typhur Dome Air Fryer offers several functions, including a self-cleaning mode. Not only does it air fry, bake, roast and grill, but it also has dehydrating and broiling functions, making it a fantastic choice for an all-in-one appliance. We also love the extended warranty period and larger cooking surface."

Best Meat Probe for 2024

"The Typhur Sync has been one of my go-to probes for a while now. I like how solid the case is and how easy the LED display is to read. While the app works fine, and having it connected to the phone is great, the display makes it perfect for those quick steak and chicken cooks on a griddle rather than a slow roast. I especially like the flared base of the probe, too. It makes it much easier to pull out when your hands are greasy."

Amazon Prime Day air fryer deals 2024: early deals and what you need to know

"This large-capacity air fryer usually retails for $499 but has an impressive 20% off, bringing the price down to just $398.99. The Dome has an adjustable temperature range that goes from 105F right up to a hotter-than-usual 450F. Typhur has invested plenty of effort into apparently perfecting the airflow and circulation to deliver super-quick cooking speeds, and more control to the home-chef operating it."

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"If you want to use the grill in gloomy weather, you can sous vide to cook your food all the way through. Then, you just throw the proteins on the grates for just a few seconds to sear, keeping your time outside to a minimum. We love the Typhur Sous Vide’s all-in-one solution to water bath cooking, complete with a digital display that delivers step-by-step instructions on how to prepare your food properly."

The Typhur Dome Is Unlike Any Air Fryer We’ve Ever Tried Before

"Many home cooks even find it to be a replacement for a microwave, using it daily to revive the crispy glory in reheated pizza, turn out piles of almost-as-good-as-the-pub french fries, and to brilliantly cook tender, singed-edged cubes of eggplant or sweet potatoes. And while most former skeptics have come around to recognizing that air fryers can be fun and effective to cook with, most have a problem with low volume, as in: The volume of food they can cook is low. Not anymore, though, because there’s a new air fryer in town: the Typhur Dome."

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“We love to chef it up in my household, and my two teenage sons have recently decided to learn how to perfectly cook a steak. Which is applaudable, but, as most amateurs understand, not as easy as it seems. That's why this Typhur wireless meat thermometer has been a godsend in the process. Not only does it calculate cooking time, alerting you when to take your meat out of the oven, off the flame or off the grill — but also factors in resting time to get to your desired temperature. And, because it uses Bluetooth, you can check up on it via your phone up to 400 feet away. Lastly, it’s simple and convenient, especially if you’re entertaining and don’t want to be standing guardian over your meat. A true BBQ hero. — Tobey Grumet Segal, reviews editor”

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The Typhur Dome isn't your average air fryer. It has 30% faster cooking speeds than other air fryers, plus it features a self-cleaning function. It even pairs to an app to monitor and adjust your cooking settings from your phone.

The 5 Best Air Fryers for Crispy French Fries, Blistered Veggies, Roast Chicken, and More

“But you may not mind sacrificing the space for such a cool looking machine. It manages to be both sleek and futuristic with a matte-grey finish, but also kind of...cute? The rounded edges and bubble-shaped display lend a kind of Wall-e or Jetson’s charm. And that interface is intuitive to use, and includes presets for common foods you’d want to air fry.”

Tyler Florence Calls This Tool His ‘Best Friend’ for Cooking Steak

"Now, purchasing a meat thermometer may not sound like breaking news when it comes to cooking meat. However, it is important to have one that you can rely on for ensuring food safety and optimum doneness. Florence says this particular thermometer — composed of acrylic, aluminum, and stainless steel — works well for a good steak “because not only is it super accurate, [but it’s also] lightning fast at gauging the exact temperature.” Useful for grilling, barbecue, the smoker, or regular old cooking, the thermometer also helpfully switches itself off automatically."

Best Air Fryers (2024), Tested and Reviewed

"This air fryer has an incredibly powerful and effective heating system. It shaved several minutes from the cook times required for other air fryers to crisp up french fries, chicken breasts, and toasted bread. It requires no preheating, so you can fill the basket with food, lock it into place, and start cooking right away. A nice feature of that basket is that its nonstick coating is ceramic, so it avoids the issues present in teflon coated nonstick surfaces."

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" ..the Typhur Dome, a sleek, modern air fryer I have been testing on wings, pierogi, and frozen french fries over the past month. The Typhur is more squat than most air fryers, which is part of a design that maximizes both the space of the nonstick cooking surface and airflow, speeding up the cooking process. Wings take just 14 minutes, 16 if you prefer them “fried hard” like I do. The Typhur also has a self-cleaning mode, though I just use soap and water on the basket. Another nice feature, common to some other air fryers but not all, is the dehydration mode."

Best tech gifts for 2024

Grilling just got easier with this meat thermometer. It connects to an app so grillmasters can monitor how meat is cooking without hovering over the grill or oven.


Perhaps most noticeably, the Typhur Dome works extremely quietly. We barely noticed that it was on while food cooked, and as soon as we finished our testing and switched back to using a traditional air fryer, the sound pollution change was extremely evident.

Best Amazon Father’s Day Kitchen Deals

Best Overall Amazon Deals: Typhur Dome Air Fryer, $399 (originally $532)

Best air fryers: 10 picks for making quick, delicious meals

With over 139 inches of cooking space and technology offering 30% more efficient cooking time, the Typhur Dome Air Fryer offers several functions, including a self-cleaning mode. Not only does it air fry, bake, roast and grill, but it also has dehydrating and broiling functions, making it a fantastic choice for an all-in-one appliance. We also love the extended warranty period and larger cooking surface.

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The Typhur InstaProbe comes through in a clutch to ensure all porterhouses come out perfectly cooked. It's our favorite digital meat thermometer because of its fast and accurate readings, large display, and its magnetized body, which makes it perfect for slapping onto a fridge door for easy storage.

9 Best Meat Thermometers for Summer

The best high-end meat thermometer: Typhur Sync Wireless Meat Thermometer. Featuring two individual (and handily labeled) probes, each with six separate sensors, it gives you the option of either tracking your progress on a well-designed and simple-to-pair phone app, or–if you’re satisfied with a little less detail–on the monitor itself. Doubling as a charging case and bluetooth/wi-fi bridge, the monitor is easy to read and has a stand that allows you to set it at multiple angles for easier viewing.

Mindy Kaling’s must-haves for summer and beyond.

Kaling says she discovered this air fryer via a "random Instagram ad." "I liked the way it looked, and I just bought it and I've been obsessed with it. It's more expensive than the average air fryer. But it's so quiet and it's aesthetically so pleasing. My other air fryers used to scare everyone, how loud they were. This one's massive without looking horrible."

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"An accurate and speedy food thermometer is “one of the most important tools” in any cook’s arsenal, notes Greenberg. And this one delivers literal split-second readings, using patented DCTi technology to get results in 0.75 seconds. Waterproof with built-in magnets for easy storage, this 4.3-inch gadget also boasts a “crisp, bright OLED, ambidextrous display that ensures visible readings even in low-light conditions,” says Greenberg. “Whether you’re barbecuing in the backyard at night or at a campsite deep in the woods, you’ll always get clear, accurate results.” For even more grilling presents to give, check out our gift guide."

10 Best Father’s Day tech gifts for all the dads in your life

Typhur Sync offers precise temperature detection of up to ±0.5℉. Its WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity let you roam up to 400 feet from the oven. Additionally, you get durability with the industry-first ZrO2 handle, making drops or impacts no concern.

This Sous Vide Cooker Doesn’t Skimp on Its Features or Its Size

Finally, the Typhur’s scheduling feature is very convenient if you’re trying to plan ahead for dinner. I prepped chicken before leaving the house at 8:30 one morning and it was ready for me when I got home at 5 p.m. Typhur is actually the first brand I’ve come across that built in a way to deal with the food safety issues that can come with leaving food out all day: Each time you schedule a cook it includes a recommended amount of ice to add to the water bath to keep food at a safe temperature before cooking begins. And if the temperature of the bath goes above 40℉, you get an alert on your phone.

The 5 most exciting home and kitchen trends we spotted at the biggest housewares trade show of the year

If you’ve been wanting to venture into the benefits of cooking with Sous Vide, Typhur’s Sous Vide Station incorporates all functions of sous vide cooking into one unit, with a built-in tank, scheduling functions, and step-by-step cooking instructions on a large LCD display.

The 8 Best Air Fryers of 2024, According to Our Tests

But the bigger advantage of the Typhur Dome is its Wi-Fi capability. You can set any of its 10 cooking modes from your phone or pick from more than 50 built-in recipes to let the oven do everything for you. (Except actually start cooking; you have to hit the button to do that physically.) You'll even get convenient notifications when pre-heating and cooking are done, too. We found the app easy to set up and use, a real rarity among "smart" appliances.

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This one by Typhur delivers lightening-fast reads, is waterproof, and comes with an OLED screen, so you can cook dishes to perfection.


We look for speed and precision when we test digital thermometers, and Typhur is upping the game for both with the InstaProbe instant-read thermometer.

The Best Small Appliances at TIHS 2024

The Typhur Sous Vide Station combines the vacuum, water chamber, and timer into one convenient product. If you're new to the world of sous vide cooking, this device will guide you through the process, and you can operate it via a Typhur app on your phone. The app also includes step-by-step instructions and recipes, making this a beginner-friendly product.

How smart is the smart kitchen, really?

The Typhur smart air fryer: This air fryer uses hot air circulation to cook food with minimal oil. It’s a healthier alternative to deep frying and can be controlled via an app.

Typhur Dome review: a countertop air fryer capable of cooking a 12-inch pizza

The Typhur Dome claims to be the fastest air fryer around, and though there’s not a great way to truly test this, it is an absolute beast of a machine in almost every way. From a solid, bulky build and massive cooking area to efficient and delicious results, the Typhur Dome performs exactly how you want the best air fryer to perform.

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Gift your loved one this Typhur Dome Air Fryer to earn endless brownie points (& delicious meals) from your favorite chef.

Typhur Sync accurate wireless meat thermometer delivers readings over long distances

Cook meat to perfection with the Typhur Sync accurate wireless meat thermometer. Using a Bluetooth 5.4 connection, you get synchronized temperature detection

Reviewed: The Massive Typhur Dome Air Fryer is Perfect for Families

For pure air frying efficiency, the Typhur Dome absolutely excels. It has a large cooking surface and delivers the fastest, most even results from any air fryer I’ve tested. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and even looks good doing it.

The Typhur Dome is the coolest-looking air fryer you can buy, but is it the best?

Having lived with the Typhur Dome for several weeks now, I can safely say it's one of my favorite air fryers to date. I'm as enamored by the quiet operation and giant basket as I am the futuristic, eye-catching design.

InstaProbe Cooking Thermometer

This well-designed cooking thermometer outperforms others with its fast-reading technology (it features sensors on the outside of the wand, not just the inside) delivering results in half a second. The device features an OLED screen that clearly and brightly displays the temperature in the direction you are holding it. Whether you are grilling, frying, cooking on the stove top or in the oven, it quickly and easily performs. It’s magnetic, too, so you can store it where you need it for quick access.

Typhur Sous Vide Station review – Sous vide made easy enough for anyone!

Typhur has made it(sous vide cooking) easy for anyone to make gourmet meals at home with their all in one Sous Vide Station.

Typhur Sync review: An impressive wireless meat thermometer with great features

The Typhur Sync is an outstanding smart meat thermometer with plenty to offer those who care deeply about their meats.

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The Typhur Dome isn't your average air fryer. It has 30% faster cooking speeds than other air fryers, plus it features a self-cleaning function.

The Best Air Fryers For Eating Healthy at Home

Best Large Capacity Air Fryer: Typhur Dome Air Fryer. Typhur sent us their newest air fryer to test out and I can honestly say it has increased our air fryer usage by 200%. We use it everyday, multiple times a day! With other air fryers, I would often choose to use another cooking method because the basket wasn’t big enough to cook everything at once.


The Typhur Sync redefines what you should expect from your wireless meat thermometer. It’s more accurate, consistent, and durable than other models we’ve used. Best of all, you can use it in a wider range of cooking temperatures and the results are outstanding. While you’ll have to dig a little deeper in your budget than less expensive options, it’s absolutely worth it.


The Typhur Dome is a speedy and quiet machine with a modern, futuristic design that sets it apart from others.

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If your loved one wants to prepare chef-approved meals, this smart sous vide station is a premium gift they'll absolutely love.

HOLIDAY GIFTS: Typhur Dome Air Fryer

Inspired by professional pizza ovens, Typhur Dome’s dedicated R&D team spent years reinventing the airflow and circulation of the air fryer, proudly achieving the #1 cooking speed.

What the Tech? Kitchen gadget that might make the perfect Christmas gift

Then just season and sear. One feature of the Typhur is you can start dinner in the morning and it's done when you get home from work.

Typhur Dome Review: Is This High-End Air Fryer Worth the Splurge?

Never have I ever imagined being able to cook a 12-inch pizza in an air fryer, but it's almost like this drawer was designed with that specific purpose in mind.

Typhur Sync Review

The first time I used the thermometer, I was blown away by how quickly the OLED display updated. Not only does the InstaProbe react quickly, but it reacts accurately. It’s rated to be within 0.5°F (0.3°C) and claimed to be factory calibrated to 7 different temperature points – Based off my usage and tests, that’s accurate.

This At-home Sous Vide Machine Can Create Michelin-level Recipes, But Is It Worth The Splurge?

With an intuitive touchscreen that provides users with step-by-step instructions and an accompanying smart app to simplify the process even further, we were impressed with the performance of this sous vide machine.

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The Typhur Dome Air Fryer solves that problem with a massive tray that’s 12.6 x 12.6 inches, and an overall capacity of 5.4 liters! ... Seriously, air frying doesn’t get any better than this!

Brooklyn Beckham said Selena Gomez told him he made the best chicken wings she's ever had

Selena (Gomez) loves chicken wings, so I made her... chicken wings in the air fryer, and she was blown away. She was like,"Oh my God, these are the best chicken wings I've ever had."

Top 25 Luxury Christmas Gifts Anyone Would Love

The Typhur Dome Air Fryer is a great luxury gift for large families or anyone who often cooks for a lot of people at one time. It’s got this sleek silver and black design that’ll make any kitchen look like it belongs in a home decor magazine.

31 Best Gifts for Your Boss

An accurate and speedy food thermometer is “one of the most important tools” in any cook’s arsenal, notes Greenberg. And this one delivers literal split-second readings...

Typhur Dome Air Fryer Review: The Best Air Fryer for Families

The Typhur Dome Air Fryer is an impressive kitchen gadget that promises to elevate your cooking game. It’s the epitome of how modern kitchen appliances can be easy on the eye, easy to use, and even easier to clean, all while delivering top-notch results.

7 Kitchen Trends That'll Up Your Game In 2023

Another groundbreaking product launching this year that's designed to help intimidated home cooks: Typhur Sous Vide Station.

The Typhur Dome Air Fryer Cooks Delicious And Healthy Meals

What’s needed is a different design, but not just to be different but designed to work efficiently as it allows for a greater volume of food to be cooked at one time. Good thing there’s the Typhur Dome Air Fryer, because it is all that.

Typhur Dome Air Fryer Review: Pros and Cons

Another impressive feature of the Typhur Dome Air Fryer is its cyclonic circulation system, which makes it the world’s fastest air fryer under most conditions.


If you’re in the market for a new instant read digital thermometer, or are looking for a great gift idea for the chef in your life, the Typhur InstaProbe should be at the top of your consideration list.

Is this the world’s fastest air fryer?!

Double the size of an average air fryer, the Typhur Dome has a 5.3-litre capacity that can cook for up to 8 people at a time. It’s also large enough to cook foods like wings, pizza, fries and all your other favourite air fryer foods.

The Typhur Dome Air Fryer Cooks Quietly and Quickly

If you’re a serious home cook or BBQ enthusiast who prioritizes speed and accuracy in your cooking, then the Typhur InstaProbe may be well worth the investment. Its advanced features and technology can help you cook meats to perfection every time, making it a valuable tool in the kitchen.

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We like the Typhur Instaprobe because it’s easy to use and offers fast readings on food. The built-in magnets help prevent misplacing the thermometer.

Typhur InstaProbe kitchen thermometer review – Way faster than the rest?

Typhur InstaProbe kitchen thermometer is a high-performance kitchen tool that won’t disappoint

Father's Day Gift Guide: The Best Gifts For The Dad Who Loves To Grill

This thermometer offers readings in seconds, and will keep those proteins tasting and looking their best on and off the grill.

Best Instant Read Thermometer

The InstaProbe lives up to the instant part of its name with sub one-second temperature readings that are within half a degree Fahrenheit.

Typhur InstaProbe Review

I love it when a wireless meat thermometer has both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functionality. It means I can take it on the go if I’m tailgating and camping because the Bluetooth will work everywhere as long as the Sync is charged. I also love Wi-Fi connectivity for ensuring a stable connection regardless of interference or if I have to leave.

CES Hands On: The best smart home gear coming in 2023

Typhur seems to have thought through so many of the pain points for sous vide by integrating so many features into a single unit.

The best of CES 2023: Here’s the tech to watch this year

Typhur Instaprobe does one thing, and boy does it do it well. This extremely good-looking food thermometer, with a 4.3-inch probe, can tell you the temperature of any kind of food, from gooey candy to finicky filet, in under one second.

Typhur launches sous vide cooker with 12-inch display

Typhur’s answer to the challenge is admittedly extraordinarily fancy. It packs a 12.3-inch LCD screen, video-based guides and recipes, a powerful 1,750 W heater and circulator and a very cool design indeed.