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Brooklyn Beckham said Selena Gomez told him he made the best chicken wings she's ever had

Selena (Gomez) loves chicken wings, so I made her... chicken wings in the air fryer (Typhur Dome), and she was blown away. She was like, "Oh my God, these are the best chicken wings I've ever had."

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9 Best Digital Meat Thermometers of 2023

We look for speed and precision when we test digital thermometers, and Typhur is upping the game for both with the InstaProbe instant-read thermometer.


The best of CES 2023: Here’s the tech to watch this year

Typhur Instaprobe does one thing, and boy does it do it well. This extremely good-looking food thermometer, with a 4.3-inch probe, can tell you the temperature of any kind of food, from gooey candy to finicky filet, in under one second.


Father's Day Gift Guide: The Best Gifts For The Dad Who Loves To Grill

This thermometer offers readings in seconds, and will keep those proteins tasting and looking their best on and off the grill.


The Typhur Dome is the coolest-looking air fryer you can buy, but is it the best?

Having lived with the Typhur Dome for several weeks now, I can safely say it's one of my favorite air fryers to date. I'm as enamored by the quiet operation and giant basket as I am the futuristic, eye-catching design.

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29 best Father's Day gifts 2023 — ideas for every kind of dad

We like the Typhur Instaprobe because it’s easy to use and offers fast readings on food. The built-in magnets help prevent misplacing the thermometer.

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25 Last-Minute, Genius Mother’s Day Gifts on Amazon That Make Her Feel Super Loved

This one by Typhur delivers lightening-fast reads, is waterproof, and comes with an OLED screen, so you can cook dishes to perfection.


Typhur launches sous vide cooker with 12-inch display

Typhur’s answer to the challenge is admittedly extraordinarily fancy. It packs a 12.3-inch LCD screen, video-based guides and recipes, a powerful 1,750 W heater and circulator and a very cool design indeed.


Typhur Dome Air Fryer Review: The Best Air Fryer for Families

The Typhur Dome Air Fryer is an impressive kitchen gadget that promises to elevate your cooking game. It’s the epitome of how modern kitchen appliances can be easy on the eye, easy to use, and even easier to clean, all while delivering top-notch results.


Is this the world’s fastest air fryer?!

Double the size of an average air fryer, the Typhur Dome has a 5.3-litre capacity that can cook for up to 8 people at a time. It’s also large enough to cook foods like wings, pizza, fries and all your other favourite air fryer foods.


The Typhur Dome Air Fryer Cooks Delicious And Healthy Meals

What’s needed is a different design, but not just to be different but designed to work efficiently as it allows for a greater volume of food to be cooked at one time. Good thing there’s the Typhur Dome Air Fryer, because it is all that.


Top 25 Luxury Christmas Gifts Anyone Would Love

The Typhur Dome Air Fryer is a great luxury gift for large families or anyone who often cooks for a lot of people at one time. It’s got this sleek silver and black design that’ll make any kitchen look like it belongs in a home decor magazine.


CES Hands On: The best smart home gear coming in 2023

Typhur seems to have thought through so many of the pain points for sous vide by integrating so many features into a single unit.

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Typhur InstaProbe kitchen thermometer review – Way faster than the rest?

Typhur InstaProbe kitchen thermometer is a high-performance kitchen tool that won’t disappoint

Angry BBQ

Best Instant Read Thermometer

The InstaProbe lives up to the instant part of its name with sub one-second temperature readings that are within half a degree Fahrenheit.

Foodie and Wine


If you’re in the market for a new instant read digital thermometer, or are looking for a great gift idea for the chef in your life, the Typhur InstaProbe should be at the top of your consideration list.

Thermapen ONE VS InstaProbe

If you’re a serious home cook or BBQ enthusiast who prioritizes speed and accuracy in your cooking, then the Typhur InstaProbe may be well worth the investment. Its advanced features and technology can help you cook meats to perfection every time, making it a valuable tool in the kitchen.

A Food Lover's Kitchen

Typhur Dome Air Fryer Review: Pros and Cons

Another impressive feature of the Typhur Dome Air Fryer is its cyclonic circulation system, which makes it the world’s fastest air fryer under most conditions.

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