Cooking Science At Typhur

Typhur is leading the charge in integrating cutting-edge technology into home kitchens. Rooted in advanced scientific techniques yet simplified for the everyday chef, our appliances empower all to create flawless meals with ease.

Typhur Lab

Typhur Lab

Our culinary scientists and engineers conduct exhaustive testing of our products to ensure the highest quality. We’re dedicated to bringing advanced cooking science techniques to everyone.

Driven by Science

Discover how Typhur products are driven by cooking science.

Typhur Sync wireless meat thermometer
Typhur Sync

Why remove your meat at a lower temperature than the target?

  • Carryover Cooking: Your meat continues to cook after removed from the heat.
  • Resting: Let your meat rest post-cooking is crucial to prevent overcooking and retain juices.
Typhur InstaProbe instant read thermometer
Typhur InstaProbe

How thermometer response time affects cooking results?

  • Achieve perfect cooking results
  • Ensure cooking safety
Typhur Sous Vide Station
Typhur Sous Vide Station

Typhur sous vide scheduled cooking and food safety

  • Scheduled cooking function remains out of Temperature Danger Zone
  • Double-layered water tank allows for the use of ice in scheduled cooking operations
Typhur Dome Air Fryer
Typhur Dome

Typhur Dome's self-cleaning mode can:

  • Remove stubborn oil grease build-up
  • Avoid oxidation and unpleasent odor
  • Prevent introducing potentially harmful substances

Learn More About Cooking Science

Unravel the mystery of home cooking through science.

Cooking Techniques


Learn techniques driven by cooking science that will change your food game forever. It’s not just about following recipes – it’s understanding them.

Cooking How To’s

How To’s

Discover how cooking science helps you cook better. Explore how physical changes during cooking using different methods affect taste, texture, and nutrition.

Cooking Time&Temps

Times & Temps

Time and temperature play a critical role in cooking. Learn how precise temperature control ensures your dishes come out perfect every time.