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We are committed to revolutionizing cooking by bringing together technology, precision, and ease to enhance the culinary experience for home chefs and make cooking more enjoyable and efficient.

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Typhur is proud to have chefs, food scientists and influencers contribute recipes and techniques designed specifically for our advanced appliances.
USA today review

"We look for speed and precision when we test digital thermometers, and Typhur is upping the game for both with the InstaProbe instant-read thermometer"


CES editor choice

“Typhur Sous Vide Station offers easy, streamlined sous vide experience for home cooks everywhere”


CNN review

“Typhur Instaprobe is perfect for that nighttime BBQ or culinary-forward camping trip.”


TechCrunch review

“With Typhur’s comprehensive Sous Vide Station, anyone can become an iron chef in their own home kitchen — even if the cooking is in a small space.”


T3 review

"The ultimate kitchen appliance for people who want healthy and quick meals, the Typhur Dome has twice the capacity and nearly half the time, so if you’re looking for something fast, look no further!"


Heavy review

"The Typhur Dome Air Fryer is an impressive kitchen gadget that promises to elevate your cooking game."


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Precision meets style - a game changer for culinary enthusiasts

Every meal I've made since getting this thermometer has been cooked to absolute perfection, making me feel like a gourmet chef in my own kitchen.


Need accurate temp now

This is by far best on market. Others slowly give temp but this boy is in seconds, love it. Don’t waste ur money on others if u want instant readings.

James M

Great thermometer

Awesome thermometer! When they say it's fast they weren't kidding. No more sticking my hand in a hot BBQ and waiting for a probe to read the temperature.

Steel D

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